Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So last week I had my bridal showers. One given by Wendy Clark and the other by Amanda Poole and Penny Lindsay. I enjoyed them so much. They made the fact that I'm getting married in 9 days very real!!

At the shower Wendy gave me they played a game where you pass around a present till the music stops, kind of like hot potato, and when the music stopped, the person who has the present got to unwrap a layer from it. it was wrapped like 12 times or something. It was fun. The crazy part was that I was the music! I got to sing songs while they passed the present. It was amazing that out of all the songs I know, I had a hard time coming up with them. My brain really isn't on straight. i think it took a vacation.

At the other shower that Amanda and Penny gave, they did this really neat thing for Phil and me. they wrote us a fairy tale!!!! It was so neat. they made a book that had pictures of us in it and fairy tale like captions on the pages. It was kind of a pass the story on sort of thing, and everyone got a chance to write in it and continue the story. There were like 30 ladies there so it ended up pretty long. After I had unwrapped all the gifts they had me read it out loud. It was so funny!!! I love it! I went home and read it to Phil. He loved it too. The theme for our wedding is once upon a time, and that totally went right with it. Such a great idea.

At the showers, I was overwhelmed with all the neat things that people gave me. I feel so much gratitude for the Love that everyone has shown me. I don't really know how to say what I feel in my heart, I'm just so amazed and grateful. Thank you everybody!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So yesterday I went through so many strands of White lights! I had to make sure they all work. Of course not all of them did, so i had to try and make them work. In the end some of them still didn't, which was to be expected. I don't know what it is about white lights, but doing all that made me so tired. After all, the only thing I was doing was sitting on the floor and plugging in and unplugging chords.'s done and I don't have to do it again. That's the beauty of a job like that. I can cross it off my list of things to do. By the way I think white lights with the white cord is so pretty. We didn't have any of those growing up, so I had never really seen them up close before yesterday. They are really really pretty.

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's less than a month till we get married!!! 28 days to be exact!!! The last weeks have gone by so very fast!! We've done so much too. I've had my wedding dress fitted!! I am very excited about that. It's going to be beautiful. I love it! And yesterday we got our first gift in the mail!! Somehow that really made it real. Funny how a gift could do that.

Things have been would be with a wedding...but we have been very blessed in finding the things we would like to do without spending a fortune. I know the Lord has blessed us.

So...the count down begins!! Today is day 28!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I mailed out the invitations this morning!!! YAY!!!!! I was so excited to get those all finished! I am so grateful for all the help I've had doing them. I could never have done them on my own. Especially the licking part! YUK I hate licking envelopes! I didn't have to lick a single one!! Thank you to everyone who helped me design, print, cut, tie, punch, stuff, lick and stamp!!! I couldn't have done it with out you!!!
So Phil and I went and registered on Monday. It was crazy! I am not a shopper! Spending hours hanging around the store is not my idea of fun. Ha Ha Ha!! It took a lot longer than I thought it would. Because I have collected so many kitchen things already, we added household things that we really need. It made it a bit harder, but..... we did it and came out alive on the other side!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time is flying!!!

So I realized that I haven't written for quite a while! It's amazing how time flies. Today is 55 days until we're married!!!
So I've gotten or we've gotten so much done in the last couple of weeks. we are finding the decorations we need for amazing prices and have borrowed things from friends. Thank goodness for Penny Lindsay. Without all the things she has let me barrow, we would never have been able to afford what we ARE going to do. The Lord is blessing us a lot.

THE GREAT INVITATION MISHAP!!! (That became a blessing )

The one thing we have been really working on a lot is the invitations. They are going to have to go out soon. But we had a crazy mishap with the printing. Becca Lindsay helped me design them. She is amazing at it. We had it exactly how we wanted it. We sent it to the printer. It was supposed to be 11 x 51/4 and they sent it to us on an 81/2 x 11. They hadn't cut it to the correct size. So We weren't sure if we were going to have to send them back or what, so Becca called them. They set up with a company near us to have them cut and they would pay for them. Which was amazing. So we got the idea that maybe we could have the red part of the invitation cut there as well. It's a bit of a funny size and cutting 500 of those by hand....... I'm sure a lot would be crooked and it would take us hours and hours. So we took the red paper with us.
Not only did we get the printing part cut correctly, but we got the red paper cut too... and scored.....all 500.......all for the price of $30. it was an amazing blessing in disguise!!! Now we don't have to spend hours cutting red paper and making sure it's straight, we can just put them together. It's amazing how things that go wrong can actually be for our benefit!!! I feel very blessed!! The Lord is truly looking out for us!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Things have been a little slow the last week or so. I go sick. It totally stinks. But we did some really exciting things the last 2 days. On Friday, we booked our photographer!! I'm so excited about them. Rachel and Tim referred me to them. They know them when they were at school at BYU. Their company is called Fife Photography. They are amazing! The one thing I didn't want to skimp on was the photography. It's the only thing that you really get to keep from that day. Pictures always bring back memories and I wanted someone who wold be able to capture the spirit of the day. The fun, the excitement, the personalities, the romance. I really believe they will do that!!!

The second thing we did was so much fun. Today Phil and I went and got our wedding bands. It was fun to pick something out, and to learn things about Phil and what he likes. I am not a wearer of a lot of jewelry. I prefer small, NOT flamboyant things. I found out that Phil is the same way. When he gave me my engagement ring, I loved it!! I couldn't have picked something better for me than he did. He even got me one with a ruby. I love rubies!! We found something perfect to match it today, and something that Phil totally likes too. It was fun!! I've never had so much fun jewelry shopping ever!!!! other thing we did last week, we booked our honeymoon!!! Only I'm not going to tell you where, only that's it's wonderful and beautiful!!! And I'm excited to spend a week with Phil in this beautiful place!!